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    Department of Educational Technology, Andong National University, (Songcheon-dong) 1375 Gyeongdong-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, KOREA

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Introduction of Department

Engineering education is the vanguard leading the 21st century in the development of educational programs using scientific knowledge and informational communication skills. It is anticipated that this century will bring with it severe competition, both individually and internationally. To survive in this severely competitive environment, excellent programs which can help creative and adventurous people must be developed. There is increased necessity to produce professionals who can develop excellent education software programs to further individual happiness and contribute to the progress of the community and the nation. The department’s mission, in order to meet the demands of this generation and the nation, is the training and education of professionals to develop educational programs . Our objectives are as follows: -Train and educate the students to become excellent teachers who can utilize new engineering technology for school information education. -Train and educate the students to become professionals who can develop industrial education and training programs. -Train and educate the students to become professionals who can design and develop scientific multimedia education programs.


Position Name Academic area E-mail Telephone
Professor Kwon, Daehoon Educational Psychology +82-54-820-5581
Professor Song, Sangho Educational Technology +82-54-820-5892
Professor Chung, HyunmiEducational Technology +82-54-820-5583
Professor Kim, Kwangsoo Educational Technology +82-54-820-5891