Students' Activities

Grading system

Mark Record Achievement
A+ 4.5 95 ~ 100
A0 4.0 90~
B+ 3.5 85~
3.0 80~
C+ 2.5 75~
C0 2.0 70~
D+ 1.5 65~
D0 1.0 60~
F 0 below 60

Student's Club

You can keep discovering the history and tradition of ANU through club activities. Lots of club divisions such as sports, service, religion, culture, language, performance are conduction exciting and autonomous activities. Club activities make campus life rewarding and energitic. Also, students can build relationships and broaden thoughts about majors and interesting fields.

Physical Activity Division

Speed, Inject, RAGE, Mt. Climbing club, Haneulgeom(swordsmanship), Taekgyeon club, Bonttae, Topspeed, Cheong-gaeguri(tree frogs)

Service Division

Anmaekhoe, hanulhoe, MRA, Madonis, Seon-meeting, UNESCO, Diver, YMCA

Culture Division

Hayandol KKamandol(white stones & black stones), Gwangjang(square), TLC, Comstar, Film-story, CRAZY, Dauri, Photo-club Yeolinchang(open window), Sonic, Jeungsnado, Info. & Security ASA

Play and Performance Division

Nokdu, Haeoreum, Sohyang, Next Day, Deotboeri, COMA, Theatrical company Todam, Naettangsarang, Peace, Tarak

Language Division

Newsweek, Solmoe, Ganbare Nihongo, Reader's Digest, TIME, MATE

Korean Culture Division

Hanttanghanhaneul, PAGE, Teobalgi

Events for Foreign Students

  • ANU International Volunteer Helper Students are helping foreign students for adapting ANU life more easily.
  • Teaching foreign students Korean and holding Korean speech contests and presentations.
  • Holding sports events twice a year, conducting MT(membership training) for foreign students
  • Holding events to help foreign students experience Korean traditional culture