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Library info

The library was established in the same year Andong National University was established; in 1979. The space of the library is about 3,500 pyeong where about 580,000 books are displayed with 1,600 seats available. It also offers e-book materials and other academic assistances.
The effort to expand the collection of its books and hournals is ongoing. The library building opened on October, 2005 with its cutting-edge facilities and pleasant environment, which contribute to the activation of research and education at Andong National University and the culture advancement of the local residents.

Language Center

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Language Center info

Andong National University Language Center was built to promote the language ability of the students and to help language culture flourish. With the assistance of the specialized language facilities, it profides various language programs, special language lectures, and camp programs.
It also publishes itw own journal, offers translation services, and supports many other academic activities related to the language development.

Information and Communication Center

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Information and Communication Center info

Superspeed network system, wireless internet access, and ubiquitous computing environment can be found in the Information and Communication Center. It also offers computer education for students, assistance for research activities of professors, and management of university administration.
The Information and Communication Center plys a key role for the development toward the information age.

Yeokdong Seowon

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Yeokdong Seowon info

According to the purpose of the Andong National University that is to promote Korean studies, Yeokdong Seowon gives us the opportunities to experience traditional culture, which enables us to re-recognize the roots of Korean people through the inheritance of the great ancestors.
It also provides us with an excellent location where we can establish our national identity. Many kinds of events, such as seminars for Korean studies, study tours for the tradition, traditional ceremonies like the coming-of-age ceremony and the tea-drinking formality, are held in Yeokdong Seowon.


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Museum info

A variety of traditional, archaic, folklore materials are collected, preserved, and exhibited in the Andong National University Museum to promote the understanding of the Korean tradition and to assist education and research activities. There are about 7,300 items in the museum .
There are many annual special exhibitions such as ‘The outing in 450 Years’, ‘The spirit and Beauty of the Andong Sambe’, ‘The Independence Movement through the Vein of the Toegye School’, ‘The Hahoe Mask and the Face of Korean People’, and ‘How Did the People in the Goryeo Dynasty Live?

Center for International Exchange and Cooperation

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Center for International Exchange and Cooperation

Andong National University established the Center for International Exchange and Cooperation on May of 2003 to join the movement heading for the globalized world community and to internationalize the campus of Andong National University. It started with the motto of new vision, new culture, and new behavior and with the support of the‘The Vision 2010 Projects’. Through an academic exchange with overseas universities, as well as with domestic universities, many international events are held by the center.
Student exchange programs, overseas education programs, and advertisement to attract overseas students are implemented by the center to foster the recognition of the global aspects of the Andong National University students, which will lead to the education of the professional graduates of Andong National University who are equipped with globalized mind.