Graduate School

General Graduate Schoolview +

The General Graduate School teaches and studies the academic profound theories and minute application methods. It was opened with the purpose of producing high-quality human resources such as scholars who will lead the academic development in informational society, experts who can resolve a multitude of social problems, and leaders who can contribute to the prosperity of the nation and our community.

Graduate School of Administration and Managementview +

The Graduate School of Administration and Management is a center for contributing to international competitive edge and national economic development, teaching the government officials and executives of official businesses new theories and techniques of economy and business administration. Now, our graduates are showing their prominent skills and academic knowledge in practical business performance. Their on-the-job achievements are demonstrating excellent leadership.

Graduate School of Educationview +

Rapid development of modern society requires new solutions for educational, cultural, economic and social problems. Among them, education is the most critical field to solve every problem. The Graduate School of Education teaches the comprehensive theories and practice as required. Additionally, it leads the improvement of educational quality and will grow students' qualifications and attributes as professional educators by studying various teaching methods which can be practically used in classes.

Graduate School of Korea Culture and Industryview +

The Graduate School of Korea Culture and Industry is a special-purpose graduate school dedicated to fostering professional human resources in convergence content and cultural content areas that are required for a cultural knowledge-based society of the 21st century. Our graduate school offers master's degree and doctoral degree programs in convergence content. The master's degree program provides three majors to choose from, including Storytelling, Cultural Space, and Culture and Arts Management while the doctoral degree program specializes in a single major of Convergence Content. To foster diversified culture and industry professionals, our master's program is divided into two streams: Dissertation Degree Course and Practical Project Degree Course. Our degree programs feature a variety of education courses, including interdisciplinary convergence education, creative seminars, 1:1 tailor-made tutorials, cultural field trips at home and abroad, and industry-academy practices with aims to foster convergence professionals equipped with the ability to analyze, plan, and operate the trends of the cultural industry.