D-2 : Overseas Study

Application Eligibility

Those seeking to earn a degree (Bachelor's or higher) of conduct a specific study at a college, university/ graduate school set up under a provision of the Education Law or at the educational facilities set up under a provision of the special law.

Required documents

* Documents to be filed may be added/ exempted if needed in the process of review.

Basic required documents

  • A photocopy of passport
  • Application for visa issuance or application recognition of visa issuance
  • Application fee (Single entry visa: USD30.00, multiple-entry visa: USD50.00)
  • 2 color photos of the applicant are needed when applying for the certificate of recognition of visa issuance (3.5cm X 4.5cm)
    • Photos must have been taken within the past 6 months.
    • Printed photographs are not accepted.
    • Bright background is preferred over a dark one.

Document requirements according to the status

Those seeking high level education (bachelor, master, doctor)

1. Standard admission letter (issuance from the chief dean of a university) specifying the screening decision of scholastic aptitude and finance capability.
2. Certificate of the latest scholarstic achievement
3. Certificate of bank balance
4. Census registry(Only applicable to Chinese - All family members must be listed)

Those seeking engage in specific study

1. A certificate of the latest scholarstic achievement
2. Reference or Documents that prove their financial capability (Reference not applicable for adopted children that had Korean nationality at birth).

If applicants already have a certificate of visa issuance or certification number of visa issuance, they only need to submit the passport, application of visa issuance, and a certificate of visa issuance or certificate number of visa issuance.