Assembly for Academic Affairs
Committee Boards
Faculty Council
Council of Professors
Main Building

Office of Academic Affairs

  • Educational Affairs Department
  • School Affairs and Management Department

Office of Students' Affairs

  • Student Support Department
  • Human Resources Development Center
    • (Encouragement of Learning and Employment Department)

Office of Planning

  • Planning Department
    • (Department of Planning)
  • International Affairs and Cooperation Center
    • (Department of International Affairs and Cooperation)

Main Office

  • General Affairs Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Facilities Department

Admission Administration Center

  • Admission Administration Team

Basic Education Center

  • Division of Liberal Arts
  • Teaching and Learning Development Center
  • Education Performance Management Center

Administrative office 1

  • College of Humanities
  • College of Education
  • Graduate School of Education

Administrative office 2

  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Human Ecology
  • College of Arts and Physical Education

Administrative office 3

  • College of Social Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Administration and Management
Graduate Schools
  • General Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Administration and Management
    (Advanced Management Program)
  • Graduate School of Korea Culture and Industry
Research Institutions

Humanities and Social Science

  • Gyeongbuk Development Research Institute
  • Management Research Institute
  • Curriculum Education Research Institute
  • Culture and Tourism Research Institute
  • Folkore Research Institute
  • Law Institute
  • Social Sciences Research Institute
  • Andong Community Development Research Institute
  • Energy and Environment Research Institute
  • Institute of Humanities
  • Humanity Education Research Center
  • Institute of Local Government Studies
  • Institute of Local Government
  • Cultural Industry Research Institute
  • Toegyehak Institute
  • Korea Institute of Public Choice

Social Science

  • Basic Sciences Research Institute
  • Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute
  • Vaccine Industry Research Institute
  • Korea Performance Improvement Center
  • Marine Biotechnology Research Institute
  • Environment Research Institute


  • Public Design Center
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Green Mechanical Convergence Research Center
  • Agricultural Labor Saving R&D Center
  • Wireless Power Transmission Research Center
  • Disaster Prevention Research Center
  • Institute of Analytical Science and Technology Research Center
  • Nonpoint Pollution Research Institute
  • Reliability Education Research Center
  • Energy System Research Center
  • Ubiquitous Information Technology Research Institute
  • Medical and Biomaterial Research Center
  • Clean Energy Materials Technology Research Center
  • New Eco-friendly Material Industry Support Center
  • THAMS Convergence Technology Research Center

Arts and Physical

  • Institute of Sports Contents
Educational Foundation
  • Library
  • Reserve Officers Training Corps

Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation

  • Department of Supporting Industry-Academic Research
  • Supporting Center for Industry - Academic Cooperation
  • Soil Analysis Center
  • Supporting New Enterprises Center

The Foundation for ANU Development

ANU Consumers' Union

Support Facilities
  • Library
  • ANU Dormitory
  • Information and Communication Center
  • Language Center
  • Public Laboratory For Experiment
  • Supporting Center For Exam
  • ANU broadcasting Station and newspaper office
  • ANU Publishing Office
  • Athletics Department
  • Engineering Education Renovation Center
  • Disability Student Support Center
  • Agricultural Science Specialization Support Center
  • Health Care Center
  • Campus Creative Job Center
  • Human Rights Center
  • Social Service Support Center
  • Education Talent Donation Center
  • Korean Language Institute
  • IR(Institutional Research) center
  • Leaders in INdustry-University(College) Cooperation+ (LINC +) Fostering Project Group
  • Creative Human Resource Development Project Group for Establishment of Humanities-based Software Ecosystem