Message from the president

President ofAndong National University

Chung Tai-joo

Student Capacity Reinforcement Gyeongbuk-based
National University(S-CORE ANU) Andong National University

Warmest greetings from Andong National University. Thank you for the visit.

Since our establishment in 1947, Andong National University has shared the VISION of transcending regional boundaries and becoming a ‘Wide-Area Core National University', and all members are advancing vigorously.

Andong National University focuses on university management (Student First) that puts students first, 「Cooperative Development between the region and students (Cooperation)」, 「Student-oriented university management (Organization)」, 「Regional-Linked Research and Industry-University Cooperation (Research)” and “Student-tailored Education Innovation (Education)” through mutually complementary and integrated implementation, we will take off as “Student Capacity Reinforcement Gyeongbuk-based National University (S-CORE ANU)” with sustainable growth.

We saw potential through 「Preliminarily selected for the ‘Glocal University’ project」 and through 「Efforts to Attract National Medical University」, we are moving forward to become a practical ‘Gyeongbuk-based National University’.

Within the framework of S-CORE ANU, which shares the lives and future of students, our students will be grow as social-tailored talents who contribute to regional and national development and lead regional innovation.

We would like to ask for your interest and support for Andong National University and our students, who are advancing step by step with the member’s enthusiasm and condensed capabilities.

My sincere appreciation.