Immigration Policy

Common required documents

  • passport
  • Application form for foreigner registration (Download)
  • 2 color photos (3 X 4 cm)
  • Process Fee : KRW 10,000 (Government revenue stamp)

Other required document as according to the statue

D-2 (overseas study)
  • A Certificate of enrollment (a certificate of student registration or a certificate of studentship)
D-4 (General training)
  • Certificate of registration (university associated language center)
  • Training Center establishment
  • Related certificate (miscellaneous training)
Foreigner registration card issuance
  • Foreigner Registration cards are issued at the Immigration Office under appropriate jurisdiction
Foreigner Registration card re-issuance
  • Reasons for re-issuance - Lost or stolen registration card
    • Damaged registration card
    • Lack of space for necessary items to be displayed
    • Changes in details on the existing card (name, sex, birth date and nationality)
* Application for re-issuance must be made within 14 days of the above reasons

Required documents for re-issuance

  • Application form for re-issuance of foreinger registration card
  • Document stating reason for re-issuance application (where lost)
  • 1 color photo (3 x 4 cm)
  • Old registration card (if existing card is rendered useless from wear/tear, lack of space, or change of details arise as per Article 35 Section 1 of the Act)
  • Process fee : KRW10,000 (Government Revanue Stamp)

Re-issuance location :

Separate Issuance of Foreigner Registration Card

  • Foreigners applicable to the following must receive separately issued Foreigner Registraion Cards.
    • Foreigners who are listed as accompaniments to their parents or legal guardians on their registration cards, and have reached 17 years of age
    • Those seeking separate issuance of foreigner registration card due to departure or other such reasons of their parents/guardians
  • Separate applications for issuance of Foreigner Registration cards must be made within 60 days of reaching 17 years of age.
  • Required documents : Passport, 2 color photos (3 x 4cm), Foreigner registration card.

Reasons for requiring Foreigner Registration cards

  • The foreigner registration card must be returned to the Immigration Office upon following reasons
    • Final departure
    • Abandoning foreign citizenship and acquiring a Korean nationality within 14 days after acquiring Korean nationality
    • Upon death
    • Applicable for Foreigner Registration exemption

Change of Status of Stay

Foreigners must receive permission to change of status of their stay if they want to participate in new activities which is not relevant or permitted for current status

General Principles

As a general rule, foreingers seeking to participate in activities not permitted under their current status must first depart from Korea, obtain a new status that corresponds with the desired
status, then re-enter Korea with the newly obtained status and status.